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Tiger Stripes

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Tiger Stripes

Tiger Box.png
Tiger Box.png

Tiger Stripes

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Long ago a great mother tigress had four cubs ... 

After many days she instructed her growing tigers, "Go out into the far reaches of the world and seek your fortunes. Hunt for prey to earn your stripes and become powerful. Have many wonderful adventures. When one of you returns to me full-grown, I will summon all the rest. On that day you will reveal to me your jewels and accomplishments. The greatest of you will rule over all my domain."

You are a young tiger with no stripes! You have been sent out into the wide world to prove your worth and become truly great. You must stalk animals to earn your stripes. You must also collect jewels to build your fortune. Finally, you may experience dangerous adventures, adding to your success. The tiger who scores the most points wins!

4 Tiger Boards
40 Stripe Cards
72 Cards

Ages: 5+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 15 minutes

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