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Skyway Robbery

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Skyway Robbery


Skyway Robbery

40.00 50.00

The Greatest Treasures of the Empire Will Be Yours

You are a passenger on a mighty airliner, setting forth on a Grand Tour of the Empire. You are also a criminal mastermind ...

Set in the sweeping steampunk world the Gaslight Empire,Skyway Robbery offers high adventure and cunning, card-driven game play. Players recruit gang members and equip them to bypass devious defenses protecting exotic locations across the globe. They pull off heists, control their turf, mess with their rivals and make a big score in any way they can.

1 Game Board
182 Unique Cards
10 Location Boards
5 Alarm Dice
60 Reputation Tokens
60 Ingot Tokens
10 Location Tiles
5 Player Boards
1 Airship Token
1 First Player Token
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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