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King's Forge

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King's Forge


King's Forge


A crafty game where dice are the raw materials from which you'll forge increasingly more amazing items to win the King's favor.

Visit 19 fantastic locations, using your dice to gather, process, or trade for new dice materials...or save your dice and attempt to craft 32 unique creations...from the mundane to the marvelous...

1 Rulebook
2 Quick Reference Cards
32 Unique Craft Cards
19 Unique Gather Cards
42 Marbled Black Metal Dice
22 Swirly Green Wood Dice
14 Translucent Red Gem Dice
10 Sparkly Blue Magic Dice
2 Pearly White Library Dice
1 Misted Purple Cemetery Die
4 Printed Wooden Tokens
1 Plastic First Player Anvil
4 Double-sided Workshop Boards
1 Game Board

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60 minutes

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