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Alien Frontiers (4th Edition) Without Dock Covers

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Alien Frontiers (4th Edition) Without Dock Covers

AF4 Online Store.png
AF4 Online Store.png

Alien Frontiers (4th Edition) Without Dock Covers


This copy of Alien Frontiers 4th Edition does not have the "Dock Covers" which are pieces of punch board to cover up dock spaces that you don't use when playing with less than 4 players. These are not necessary to play the game, as the board itself has markings to show the player counts and the covers only act as an additional reminder.


Welcome to the prize of mankind's explorations, a newly discovered world deep in uncharted space.

The alien civilization that once ruled here vanished long ago, leaving traces of their technology and a terrain ripe for settlement. Now the race is on to see who can take control of this abandoned planet!

Alien Frontiers is a board game of strategy and luck for two to four players. You will utilize orbital facilities, discover alien technology, and build colonies to control vital locations. Every maneuver has an advantage but also a cost, and victory requires tough decisions. Assign your fleet, leverage territory bonuses, and manage resources to achieve your goals while blocking the plans of your opponents.

1 Game Board
8 Territory Counters
3 Field Miniatures
3 Field Counters
24 Alien Tech Cards
1 Transparent Die
30 Orange Discs
20 Grey Cubes
32 Colony Domes
1 Scoring Track
4 Scoring Rockets
20 Dock Covers
Rule Book

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90 minutes

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